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Why RemSupp is the Best TeamViewer Alternative

Need a better alternative to TeamViewer? RemSupp offers reliable, fast, and secure solutions for remote desktop and remote access.

  • Saving you up to 50% per year when you choose RemSupp over TeamViewer.
  • Reliable remote connections that offer high-definition quality.
  • Free to leave whenever you want. Cancel subscription at any time with a single click.

Are you looking for a TeamViewer alternative?

RemSupp team have built a great product that is focused on customer success and technical support teams.

The product itself is specifically dedicated for these teams and offers various features that goes along.

RemSupp comes as a remote desktop software, with all the top features. If you're looking for an alternative to TeamViewer here are some reason you should consider while looking over RemSupp.

Reason #1

Access computers from any modern browser

Just like TeamViewer, RemSupp comes with a remote desktop software that makes it possible to access your computer from anywhere at anytime.

Once you have entered computer name, click Connect. After connecting, you will be able to access your computer through the browser.

Unlike TeamViewer, it doesn't require downloading anything onto your PC. It also allows you to access your computer from a wide variety of browsers.

Access computers from any modern browser

Reason #2

Send dedicated connection link to your customers

RemSupp provides a clear and simple way to invite your customers to configure remote access connection.

There is no complicated IDs or password to remember, customer just need to click the Connect button.

RemSupp offers the quickest solution for permanent access on the market, which will lead your customers by the hand.

Send dedicated connection link to your customers

Reason #3

Integrate RemSupp with your favorite business applications

Save time and obtain more from the services and applications that help drive your business.

Integration allows you to instantly create remote access sessions without going to RemSupp application.

RemSupp offers user-friendly widgets for livechat market leaders, including: LiveChat, Intercom and Drift.

Integrate RemSupp with your favorite business applications

Discover How TeamViewer compare with RemSupp

Features and Price Comparison
Business License
RemSupp logo
Starting price$409.47 / year$300 / year
Annual billing for 10 users$808.23$300
Access to unlimited devices
Connecting from a browser
Multiple concurrent sessions
Managed devicesup to 200up to 200
Cross-platform file transfer (Drag-and-Drop)
Access and control computers remotely
Quick support
Secure unattended access
User management
Computer and user grouping
TeamViewer prices from TeamViewer website, January 2022.
TeamViewer prices may vary by country.
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